Penelope Klatell, PhD, RN, ACC, is available for interviews, guest posts, talks, and group coaching.

Penny Portrait - ModifiedPenelope (Penny) Manegan Klatell, PhD, RN, ACC

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Contact Information:

Location: Greater New York area
Phone: 203-972-3312
Cell: 917-825-5111
Fax: 203-972-0052
Email: [email protected]

Penny’ Bio – PDF format: click here.
Resume: – PDF Format: click here.

Possible Interview Topics:

  • What is foodMAPS all about?
  • How can you diet In public?
  • How are eating habits formed?
  • What can you do not to go totally crazy with buffets, banquets, and events?
  • What can I eat in fast food places, hockey rinks, movie theaters, and sports banquets?
  • How can I stick to my diet at Grandma’s and Aunt Louise’s without them getting on my case?

Presentation Topics:

  • Seven Secrets for Dieting in Public
  • Create Healthy Eating Habits that Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Conscious Control of Conference Room (or Workplace) Food
  • Family Food Events and Dilemmas
  • Holiday Eating Angst
  • Eat Out, Eat Well
  • Home for the Holidays — Without Excess Pounds
  • Banquets, Buffets, Parties: All You Can Eat . . . but Under Control
  • Eating and Traveling: More than Animal Crackers and Blue Potato Chips
  • Controlling your Weight While Feeding Your Kids: How to Avoid Eating your Dinner and Cleaning their Plates, too
  • Food Choices at Fast Food Joints and Other Places Your Kids’ Travel Sports Teams Eat

Group Coaching:

  • Multi-session programs for participants to establish weight control plans
  • Multi-session programs to learn about dieting in environments other than home
  • Multi-session programs on learning how to help your family Eat Well