Are You Serious About Your Goal Or Resolution — Or Is It More “Sorta-Maybe”?

If it’s sorta-maybe I’ll try to do XYZ, you aren’t alone.   People flunk resolutions 101 for two main reasons:

  • they aren’t really serious or clear about what they want to do but have caved into either inner pressure or external pressure from family/peers/friends, or
  • what they’ve decided to do isn’t too realistic because it’s too overly ambitious or just will not fit into day to day life (no, you cannot lose 20 pounds in a week and keep it off).

What You Can Do To Increase Your Chances Of Success

Fuzzy ideas lead to fuzzy results.  So get clear about what it is you want to do and the time frame you’re giving yourself.

On the other hand, be realistic. Boxing yourself into a corner by swearing you’ll never eat chocolate again is just setting your self up for failure.  Your goal is not a closed-ended-not-to-be deviated-from deal.  Make a list of what you think you can realistically do – and then choose your tactic.

Forget the negative stuff, too.  Isn’t there enough negativity?  Pick a positive goal, a positive end-point, and reinforce that in your brain. Try starting with “I will” rather than “I won’t.”

Are You Committed?

Are you committed to working on your goal?  A goal is just a plan without results if you’re not committed to working on it.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, and the time frame within which it will be accomplished, map it out and write it all down. Writing it – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s written online or on a napkin, reinforces your commitment and makes it harder to lie to yourself.

You’ll end up having a realistic goal with an accomplishable plan that you can achieve within a specific time frame. Commit to carrying out your plan and you’re well on your way.

This article is part of the 30 day series of blog posts called: 30 Easy Tips for Looser Pants and Excellent Energy.

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