How Many Calories Are In That Glass Of Wine?

IMG_4521Love your wine with dinner – or maybe that champagne at your friend’s wedding?  What about that wonderful, sweet, thick dessert wine to polish off a fantastic meal?

You may have your preference – most of us do – but whether it’s red, white, dry, sweet, or sparkling, it is really easy to overlook the calories in those long-stemmed glasses.

A standard portion of table wine (red or white) is 4 oz.  But, how many ounces are really in the glass of wine that you usually drink?  Probably five to eight!

So, on average, if 4 oz. of red or white table wine has about 100 calories, you are drinking anywhere from 100 to 200 calories of wine – in one glass! How many glasses of wine do you drink with a meal?

If you have dessert wine after dinner it’s about double the calories per oz. although the standard serving is less:  usually 2 to 3 oz.  So add on about another 100 to 150 calories for each glass of that smooth dessert wine.

Think about your strategy:  wine is great but it does add calories. Wine instead of dessert – wine instead of an appetizer?  Maybe both, maybe all.  The choice is yours – just figure it into your eating plan.

Calories in Wine:

  • 1 oz. of Champagne:                                                       19 calories
  • 1oz. of red table wine (burgundy, cabernet):           25 calories
  • 1 oz. dry white (Chablis, hock, reisling):                    24 calories
  • 1 oz. sweet white (moselle, sauterne, zinfandel:    28 calories
  • 1 oz. rose:                                                                           20 calories
  • 1 oz. port (about 20% alcohol):                                   46 calories
  • 1 oz. sweet dessert wine:                                               47 calories

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