How Many Chemicals Are You Wearing?

How many chemicals are you wearing today?

The SocialDieter usually talks about food that you put INTO your body, but results of this UK poll of 2016 women and what they put ON their bodies is a real eye opener.

As reported in Reuters, the average British woman who uses deodorant, body and facial moisturizer, perfume, hair products, lipstick, foundation, and other make-up, unknowingly adorns her body with about 515 chemicals every day. Apparently, moisturizers contain around 30 chemicals and perfume up to 400 chemicals in their ingredients.  It seems the more high tech we get in trying to improve the way we look and smell, them more chemicals we layer on.

More amazing stats: of the women who took part in the study, more than 1/3 did not know the key ingredients in the toiletries they use and 9% were aware of most of the ingredients in their cosmetics.  More than 70% of women polled said that they weren’t concerned about the number of chemicals they were slathering on their skin, and only 1 in 10 shopped for chemical-free toiletries.

So, what chemical soup is your skin wearing today? We’re becoming more conscious about what’s in the food we put into our bodies — perhaps it’s time to become more aware about what’s in the products we put on our bodies, too. Even if you already are, would you have guessed that the average number of chemicals in those products is 515?


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