Some Really Sensible and Easy To Follow Dietary Guidelines

dietary-guidelinesThe nutrition world seems to be filled with guidelines on what to eat, what not to eat, where to eat it, and at what time. That’s all well and good – except when the advice is contradictory or close to impossible to accomplish.

Want some straight-forward, sensible guidelines that focus more of how to eat rather that precisely what to eat?

According to Marion Nestle’s blog, Food Politics, Brazil has designed dietary guidelines to help protect against undernutrition and to prevent the health consequences of overweight and obesity.  (You can find the guidelines here, but if you don’t read Portuguese, you’ll have a bit of trouble.) Fortunately, Food Politics provides us with a translation of the guidelines.

There are three “golden rules:”

  1. “Make foods and freshly prepared dishes and meals the basis of your diet.
  2. Be sure oils, fats, sugar and salt are used in moderation in culinary preparations.
  3. Limit the intake of ready-to-consume products and avoid those that are ultra-processed.”

The ten guidelines:

  1. “Prepare meals from staple and fresh foods.
  2. Use oils, fats, sugar and salt in moderation.
  3. Limit consumption of ready-to-consume food and drink products
  4. Eat regular meals, paying attention, and in appropriate environments.
  5. Eat in company whenever possible.
  6. Buy food at places that offer varieties of fresh foods. Avoid those that mainly sell products ready for consumption.
  7. Develop, practice, share and enjoy your skills in food preparation and cooking.
  8. Plan your time to give meals and eating proper time and space.
  9. When you eat out, choose restaurants that serve freshly made dishes and meals. Avoid fast food chains.
  10. Be critical of the commercial advertisement of food products.”

It’s not always easy or affordable to find the freshest foods and to take the time to make them. But for the majority of the time, the guidelines sound downright sensible and pretty doable, don’t you think?

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