Slim Down Your Sandwich The Easy Way

half of a sandwichHere are some easy ways to slim down your sandwich and still have it taste great.

Substitute mustard for the mayo and save 100 calories.  Leave off the slice of Swiss cheese for another 133 calories.  Ditch the two slices of bacon for another 84 calories.  Put your turkey, ham, or roast beef along with lettuce, tomato and onions on a whole grain pita (74 calories) instead of between two slices of rye (180 calories) and you’ve saved a total of 423 calories.

Walk to and from the deli or around the block several times and you’ve easily saved yourself 500 calories.

Of course, you could always just eat half a sandwich — but a slimmed down, good tasting one is so much more satisfying, isn’t it?

This is tip #5 for the “Five” challenge.  How are you doing?  Join the challenge — you have nothing to lose except some pounds here and there.

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