Stick With It

Are you always looking for the next best thing – the next miracle cure for sugar or caffeine addiction, the best way to motivate yourself to exercise, or the best way to lose the most weight in the shortest period of time?

You try, try, and try again. You step on the scale. “That can’t be right – no way – I starved myself all week – I was soooo good! I went to the gym everyday and sweated like a pig!

Sound Familiar?

We’ve all been there. So what do we do? Toss out the baby with the bath water, give up, screech that the diet is a scam, scream that the scale is broken, swear the trainer has no clue what he or she is doing.

Bottom line is that so many of us start with a plan, don’t stick with it, and change course right away. Your body gets confused, your head gets confused, and the scale is probably cringing from the verbal threats you have thrown its way.

Time And A Chance

Give yourself and all of your good efforts a chance. Ask yourself: are your goals realistic? Despite the Biggest Loser, most people are not capable of losing massive amounts of weight in a week. Are your expectations realistic? Do you expect to see the numbers on the scale drop each and every day? The scale might not be moving right away (by the way, minor fluctuations are to be expected – extra salt in last night’s meal needn’t send you into a tailspin) – but perhaps your measurements are changing and your clothes feel looser. Or maybe your body is taking some time to readjust to a new healthy eating plan.

Give it some time before you declare a lost cause, jump ship, totally change direction, or plain old give up. You’ve got to stick with it. As hard as it may be, think logically and rationally — not with your emotions. Change is hard and it takes time. Give it a chance.

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