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No Seconds EOEW

An Easy Way To Avoid Second Helpings

Do you skimp on putting food onto your plate thinking that it will keep your calorie count down? What happens?  You eat the skimpy portion – decide you’re still hungry – and then go back, maybe two or three times, for more. And if you keep the serving dishes on the table right in front […]

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7 Ways To Cut Down On Pizza Calories

Have you had “a slice” recently?  If you did, consider it one of the 46 slices that American men, women, and children eat, on average, in a year. Pizza as we know it originated in Italy, but it can be traced to the Greeks who have dressed up bread with oil, herbs, and cheese since […]

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Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight?

It certainly can. Pure alcohol, gram for gram, has almost twice the number of calories as a gram of carbohydrate or protein. One gram of alcohol has 7 calories compared to the 4 calories for carbohydrate or protein – fat has nine calories a gram. Some research is showing that calories from alcohol may be […]

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football fans eat more

A Losing Team Means Lots Of Sugar, Fat, And Calories. No Kidding!

How did your team do this weekend?  Did they win or lose? If you’re being careful about what and how much you eat, you better hope they won (for more reasons than one) or chances are you’ll be joining your fellow fans who will be rummaging around the kitchen or who have the pizza place […]

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Did You Eat Too Much? Blame Your Buddies At The Table

How many people do you usually sit with when you’re eating? Not all the people surrounding you in a cafeteria or restaurant, but the number of friends or family at your table? Amazingly, the number of people you eat with can make a big difference in how much you end up eating. If you have […]

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7 Football Food Tips To Keep You Happy, Not Stuffed

Football season is here. It means fun and excitement along with angst, wringing of the hands, a whole new spin on vocabulary, and tons of food and drinks. It seems as though football has nine main food groups: beer, wings, pizza, chips and dip, barbecued ribs, burgers, chili, sausage (especially bratwurst), and pulled pork. It’s […]

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5 Quick And Easy Calorie Saving Tips

A chocolate chip cookie—or oatmeal raisin for that matter—should be about the size of the rim of a soda can. Some cookies are four times that size—and with four times the calories and fat content! Don’t be duped by turkey, fish, and veggie burgers and sandwiches. They sound healthier and less caloric than beef, but […]

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