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Is It Your Head Or Your Stomach That’s Saying “Feed Me”?

“I’ve got to have a donut—the kind with chocolate icing and sprinkles.”  “I really, really want some crispy, salty French fries and a strawberry shake.”  But, are you really hungry or is it your head that’s yapping at you? Your head can be very proficient at ringing the mindless eating bell. It’s often the culprit […]

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Are You Really Hungry Or Is It All In Your Head?

Argument.  Stress. Overwhelm. Fatigue. Cookies in the shopping cart.  Candy bar from the gas station.  Chips from the vending machine.  Raiding the refrigerator for leftovers followed by ice cream. Sound familiar? You could be stuffed to the gills but all you can think about is getting that cookie, candy bar, chips, or leftovers and chowing […]

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