What Do You Eat When You’re Snowed In?

“Chocolate chip cookies.” That’s what a friend said to me as we waited for our kids to get off of the school bus after early dismissal because of snow.

The snow was swirling and the kids were flinging snowballs and kicking snow at each other as we walked down the street to our houses.  “Why do I always want to bake chocolate chip cookies when it snows?” she asked.

For so many of us, comfort food —  those hearty, soul and belly satisfying, sweet and salty foods — seem be the “go-tos” when we’re housebound (and perhaps stir-crazy). They’re foods that are simple, familiar, and often have emotional ties and pleasant memories, especially of childhood.

What Can You Do When Your Cabin Fever And Calories Reach Stratospheric Levels?

You can do lots of things (including choosing your food very carefully), but sometimes wise choices are just not happening and the trips to the fridge go on and on.

You can try countering with some activity. It can do a lot for your mood and might burn some of those excess calories.

Calories Some Winter Activities Burn In An Hour

(numbers are for a 150 pound person)

  • Building a Snowman:   285 calories
  • Having a Snowball Fight:   319 calories
  • Making Snow Angels:   214 calories
  • Snowshoeing:  544 calories
  • Shoveling snow:   408 calories
  • Baking cookies:  170 calories
  • Sledding:  476 calories
  • Cross country skiing:  612 calories

What’s your favorite “snowed in” food?


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