Your Sandwich Wonderizer

How many calories are in your sandwich?  What’s its nutritional value?

Here’s a chance to have some fun and learn about what you chow down.

Wonder Bread, America’s first sliced bread (1925), and the inspiration for the phrase the  “best thing since sliced bread,” is close to ninety years old.

Build Your Own Sandwich

Wonder Bread’s website (complete with the same red, yellow, and blue balloons as on the package  (except they float on the website) has a Wonder-izer Sandwich Builder option that allows you to build your own sandwich.  You can add just about anything (not socks or dog food, but edible human stuff).  You choose your preferred type of bread, meat, cheese, condiments, fruit, and veggies.  You can even add coleslaw, chips, fig bars, pecans, and even candy corn or chocolate chips (and more).

This is not an endorsement of Wonder Bread. It is a recommendation for some sandwich fun and for a learning experience about the caloric and nutritional content of sandwiches.

When I was a kid Wonder Bread was the be all and end all.  Supermarket bread choices were not quite as extensive as they are now.  Wonder bread was the kind of soft squishy white bread that you balled up in your fist to make a dough ball.  I also remember lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that you could really squish in the middle.

On the Wonder Bread site, there are more than 20 types of Wonder Bread choices now – including several varieties of light, whole grain, and whole wheat, along with the nutritional information for each.  It is described as “still the soft, delicious and nutritious bread your family has always loved.”

A Fun Learning Tool

The Wonder-izer is fun, with great graphics.  As you add each item to your sandwich the top slice of bread pops up to add the colorful layer of food of your choice (grapes and chocolate chips are even options).  However, aside from fun, it’s a great learning tool to give you an idea of just how many calories and nutrients are in that sandwich that you order from the corner deli or make in your own kitchen.  You can certainly use the information and apply it to many “sandwich situations.”  It’s also a great – and fun — learning tool for kids.  Check it out.  Wonder-izer Sandwich Builder.

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