Are You A Smart Snacker When You’re Out Shopping?

There are food courts and coffee shops around every bend and on every corner – and all of them seem to sell peppermint and gingerbread goodies that scream, “Holiday.”  That can really test your willpower.

A hot skim latte is a great snack – soothing, calorie controlled, with a nice amount of protein.  A nice giant hot coffee drink filled with syrup and whipped cream – often clocking in at 400 to 500 calories — might be soothing but sure isn’t great for your waistline.

Ditto on mega sized soft pretzels, muffins, scones, and croissants. Think about carrying portion controlled nuts or a protein bar with you to make it a little easier to resist temptation.

And Remember, These Calories Still Count . . .

Do you tend to forget about the:

  • large pretzel with cheese topping that you bought at the mall to snack on while shopping
  • 3 mini candy canes you snagged from the receptionist’s desk
  • couple of samples of cheesecake you grabbed at Costco
  • grilled cheese sandwich you finished off of your child’s plate
  • cookie batter you tasted and licked from the bowl and beaters
  • leftovers in the pot that you finished because there was too small an amount to save
  • tastes of chocolate bark and spiced pecans your coworker offered you
  • Christmas cookies that seem to be everywhere

They Still Count

All calories do count — it’s just that all too frequently we neglect to add them – remember them – or acknowledge them (that would mean having to admit that you ate that candy bar).

You can try writing down everything that you eat – not at the end of the day but when you eat it  – you’re forced to acknowledge all of the random food that you pop into your mouth.  This might be especially helpful during holiday season – or during times of stress – when it’s easy to mindlessly overeat and then to overlook (and then wonder why your pants are tight).

Some Tips

  • Only eat it if you want it. Eat what you want not what you think you should.
  • Skip the everyday food – the stuff that’s available all of the time. If you’re going to indulge, splurge on the special stuff (and make it count).
  • Don’t put yourself in the face of danger – in other words, stay away from all of those place you know will have fantastic treats freely available for the taking – especially if they happen to be your trigger foods.

For more hints and tips about holiday eating get my book,  The Sensible Holiday Eating Guide: How To Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Without Gaining Weight, available from Amazon for your kindle or kindle reader.


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