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Can Your Chocolate Bar Be Keeping You Awake?

Do you hit the chocolate at night, or maybe mid-afternoon? Does your chocolate nibbling follow a chocolate dessert from earlier in the day, or a hot chocolate, or some samples of chocolate candy? And perhaps all of that chocolate indulgence was washed down by a couple (or more) cups of coffee. At bedtime, sleep is […]

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Is It Coffee Or Chocolate That’s Keeping You Awake?

You’ve finished dinner – perhaps you’re stuffed to the gills – and some chocolate along with the check.  It could be those squares nicely wrapped in shiny foil or it could be some chunks of the really dark stuff artfully arranged on a plate. Somehow there magically seems to be some room for the chocolate […]

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What’s A Chocolate Buzz?

I was in a restaurant the other night and the server brought a bunch of those individually wrapped dark chocolates along with the bill.  There were six of us at the table so there was a small pile of the foil wrapped goodies on the table. I watched an almost four year old girl  (who […]

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