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Chocolate And Valentines: Like Birds Of A Feather They Stick Together

Why are about 1.1 billion boxed chocolates — that’s about 58 million pounds of chocolate candy — sold in the United States during the week before Valentine’s Day? Why not twizzlers or gummy bears? What Is It About Chocolate That Makes It The “Romantic” Candy? Chocolate infatuation began around 2,000 years ago. The higher echelon […]

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What’s A Chocolate Buzz?

I was in a restaurant the other night and the server brought a bunch of those individually wrapped dark chocolates along with the bill.  There were six of us at the table so there was a small pile of the foil wrapped goodies on the table. I watched an almost four year old girl  (who […]

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Chocolate Eggs And Bunny Ears

Oh, those pretty chocolate eggs nesting in baskets on beds of paper straw.  Bunnies and ducks in all shades of chocolate.  Brightly wrapped candy stuffed in plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts.  Chocolate smeared over little kids’ faces and indestructible peeps molded into weird shapes before being popped in the mouth. It’s Easter candy time.  […]

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A Box Of Chocolates

In the US chocolate candy outsells all other types of candy combined, by 2 to 1.  Around seven billion pounds of chocolate candy are manufactured each year in the US and during the week before Valentine’s Day about 1.1 billion boxed chocolates,  about 58 million pounds, will be sold. There are 2300 calories, 140 grams […]

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