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Pizza: 7 Calorie Saving Tips

  If your mouth waters at the thought of melted cheese and pepperoni on thick or thin crust, take comfort that you’re not alone: American men, women, and children eat, on average 46 slices of pizza a year. 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly In the US, 61% prefer regular thin crust, 14% prefer deep-dish, […]

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5 Quick And Easy Calorie Saving Tips

A chocolate chip cookie—or oatmeal raisin for that matter—should be about the size of the rim of a soda can. Some cookies are four times that size—and with four times the calories and fat content! Don’t be duped by turkey, fish, and veggie burgers and sandwiches. They sound healthier and less caloric than beef, but […]

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Nine Easy Calorie Saving Tips

Are you worried about gaining weight over vacation or from eating too much at the weddings and parties you’re planning to attend? Have a plan — It could be your saving grace.  Think about how you want to handle yourself in the face of family picnics, barbecues, fresh strawberry shortcake, and ice cream cones with […]

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