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What’s On Your Holiday Plate? 9 Easy Calorie Saving Tips

1.  Leave some space for the holiday specials, but, in general, aim to practice portion control with the higher calorie foods and pile your plate high with the lower calorie vegetables. When you take in more calories than your body needs and uses, you’ll gain weight. 2.  Your body can handle a certain amount of […]

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10 Ways To Save Calories At Summer Parties, Picnics, And Barbecues

Before you grab some tasty morsel, ask yourself if you really want it.  Are you hungry?  Is it worth the calories?  Odds are, the tempting display of food in front of you is visually seductive – and may smell great, too — but you’re reaching out to eat what’s in front of you for reasons […]

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Protein: Have You Ever Wondered How And Why It Fills You Up?

Protein Really Does Help You Feel Full, But Why?  According to the September 2012 Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter,  French researchers published the findings of a study that confirms that dietary protein affects satiety – the feeling of being full and satisfied — something that a lot of people seem to know but that […]

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Why Your Mindless Bites Are Making Your Jeans Tighter

Are your pants feeling a bit tight and you can’t figure out why? It’s those mindless bites that will get you.  Each one of those “shove it in your mouth without thinking about it” bites is worth about 25 calories.  Do the math.  If you have four mindless bites a day above and beyond your […]

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What Are Your Eating Triggers?

Is it almost a foregone conclusion that you’ll stuff yourself to the gills when you go home to your parents’ house for holidays or other events?  Is it almost impossible for you to navigate your office without stopping at the snack room and the receptionist’s desk to sample the never-ending array of holiday specialties or […]

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Take A Cue From Athletes: Rehearse Your Party Eating Behavior

What happens when you’re invited to a “command performance”  party or event with a long cocktail hour followed by a fancy multi-course sit down meal?  Or maybe you’re going to a gourmet holiday lunch at a friend’s house where there will be lots of hot mulled wine, her special entree, and fantastic cookies accompanying mousse […]

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These Calories Still Count

It’s way too easy to forget those little clumps of calories that “jump” into your mouth and ultimately register on the scale. These Calories Still Count . . . the candy bar you bought at the gas station and ate in the car the 3 tootsie rolls you snagged from the receptionist’s desk the couple […]

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Were You Told To Eat Your Fruit And Veggies?

Do you remember being told, “Eat your fruit and vegetables?”  I certainly was told that – and I said the same thing to my kids. I’ve been watching members of my own family – who cover almost a century in age range – happily eat their fruit and vegetables.  Over the past few days I’ve […]

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Key Words For “Maybe Yes, Maybe No” Menu Choices

Menus, both restaurant and take-out, are filled with descriptive and sometimes mouth-watering words.  They’re meant to: entice you to order certain items by making them sound scrumptious, or to make you think that a food, sauce, or dressing is lower in calories or an awesome health food. Maybe Yes, Maybe No Adjectives This is a […]

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What Do You Eat On A Road Trip?

Have you noticed that a lot of renovated gas stations now have mini-marts or convenience stores with clean(er) bathrooms and coffee that comes regular or decaf but also dark velvet, hazelnut, and vanilla? Are Gas Stations The New Convenience Stores? Convenience stores sell about 80& of the gasoline purchased in the United States each year. […]

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