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chocolate bunnies and eggs

Guess How Many Calories Are In Your Favorite Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs!

Easter bunnies made of chocolate aren’t really that old a tradition, having been born in Germany in the 1800’s. Although other types of Easter candy like Peeps, jellybeans, and Cadbury eggs are extremely popular, the National Confectioners Association says that on Easter children head for chocolate Easter bunnies first. Adults probably do, too. Chocolate Easter […]

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Jelly Beans: Little Nuggets of Sweetness

Do you think a bag of jellybeans should come with a warning label:  “STOP NOW or you’ll keep eating until they’re gone?” It’s pretty darn hard not to love those little nuggets of sweetness that come in multitudes of colors and flavors and get stuck in your teeth! Americans eat 16 billion jellybeans at Easter […]

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Marshmallow PEEPS: Fluorescent Squishiness You Either Love or Hate

If you have a thing for the fluorescent marshmallow bunnies and chicks that were hatched over 50 years ago, you’re not alone. They got their name – PEEPS — because they were originally modeled after the yellow chick. Every year, PEEPS are the subject of lots of design contests (you’d be amazed what you can […]

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