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15 Easy-On-The-Waistline Holiday Eating Tips

The holidays are here. You can’t go anywhere without sugary, glittery, shiny holiday themed food calling your name. Holidays create a “perfect storm” for eating way too much. They combine some of the worst cues and triggers for overeating: family drama, too much food (much of it sweet and fatty), tradition and ritual, stress eating, […]

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Football, Food, and Beer

  It’s football season. With it comes fun, excitement, joy, angst, wringing of the hands, a whole new spin on vocabulary, and tons of food and drinks. It seems that football is associated with nine main food groups: beer, wings, pizza, chips and dip, barbecued ribs, burgers, chili, sausage (especially bratwurst), and pulled pork. It’s […]

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Nibbles and Noshes, Cocktails and Cookies: 15 Tips To Keep You and Your Scale Happy

  Putting the “big” meal aside, most extra holiday calories don’t come from the “day of” holiday meal but from unrelenting nibbling over the long holiday season. Here are 15 workable tips to help you handle holiday food. Choose and use what will work best for you and your lifestyle. 1.  You’re the one in charge […]

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30 Easy And Doable Eat Out Resolutions To Try — Pick One!

Eating out can be a real challenge to your waistband.  It can be pretty hard to make the best choices on the spur of the moment. There are times to go all out and eat everything – maybe a special meal or celebration.  But for everyday eating, whether it’s at the coffee shop, takeout for […]

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3 Easy Barbecue and Picnic Tips To Avoid Overeating

1.  If you’re full, stop eating and clear your plate right away.  If it hangs around in front of you, you’ll keep picking at it until there’s nothing left. An exception – a study has found that looking at the “carnage” – the leftover bones from barbecued ribs or even the number of empty beer […]

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Do Football And Food Have Equal Footing On Super Bowl Sunday?

Did you know that the first Super Bowl was in January 1967?  Although not an official holiday, Super Bowl Sunday certainly has assumed the trappings of one — both in the US and in many expat communities.  The Super Bowl broadcast is the most watched annual television program in the US and Super Bowl Sunday […]

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Buffet Table Woes? Keep Your Back To The Table

Whether it’s a fancy catered affair or pizza, wings, and cold cuts laid out on the kitchen and coffee tables on game day, why give yourself extra opportunities to shovel chips and dip or salami and cheese into your mouth all night long? You’re human, so stay out of hand-to-mouth range – and don’t stare […]

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Slow Down You Eat Way Too Fast

Do you wolf your food down so quickly that it’s gone before you realize you’ve eaten it all – and then you’re still hungry and staring at an empty plate? Mothers around the world often say the same thing: slow down and chew your food.  Well, what do you know, there’s something to it. According […]

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Practice Makes Perfect (Or At Least Good)– Especially With Habits

What gets you to Carnegie Hall?  Practice.  What makes your new healthy behaviors stick?  Practice. If you’ve resolved to form new healthy habits, ones you want to keep and that fit in with your lifestyle, you need to keep repeating those new behaviors over and over again.  It’s like learning a language or a new […]

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Mindless Bites: They Pack On The Pounds

Are you having a bit of trouble getting your pants to close – or maybe it’s difficult to zip up your jacket? In part you can blame those mindless bites – those “shove it in your mouth without thinking about it” bites.  Oh come on, most of us — at one time or another — […]

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