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Do you sit in the fat or skinny area of a restaurant?

Do You Sit In The Fat Or Skinny Area Of A Restaurant?

Choose your seat carefully. According to Brian Wansink, Director of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, where you sit in a restaurant does have an effect on how much you eat! Scratching your head yet? After mapping the layout of 27 restaurants across the country and analyzing what and where customers ate, here are some general findings […]

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How Does Restaurant Decor Affect How Much You Eat?

In most restaurants, the décor isn’t an accident — it’s intended to keep you seated at the table longer or to get you to eat and run. Think about how long it takes you to gobble down a Big Mac or a shortstack of pancakes with bacon.  The red and gold color schemes, noise levels, […]

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30 Easy And Doable Eat Out Resolutions To Try — Pick One!

Eating out can be a real challenge to your waistband.  It can be pretty hard to make the best choices on the spur of the moment. There are times to go all out and eat everything – maybe a special meal or celebration.  But for everyday eating, whether it’s at the coffee shop, takeout for […]

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Is What You Order In A Restaurant Really Your Choice?

Have you ever walked into a restaurant absolutely certain that you know what you want to eat? Then the waiter hands you the menu and asks if you want to hear the specials. All of a sudden your “I’m absolutely certain that this is what I’m going to order” has taken a back seat to […]

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Do Restaurant Meals Sabotage Your Diet?

Are you afraid to eat out for fear of “blowing your diet” or because you think there aren’t good choices to be had? Are you tired of hearing that you shouldn’t go to restaurants if you want to control what you eat? Choices You can choose to eat out and eat well. You are responsible […]

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