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Chinese Food And Lots Of Calories Can Go Hand-In-Hand

Are you going to have Chinese food?  Do you think you’re getting off easy because of all of the vegetables? Think again. There are 466 calories in a cup and a half of beef and broccoli stir-fry (and about a day’s worth of sodium).  One cup of fried rice has 333 calories.  If you also […]

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Think Twice About That Bran Muffin

Tip 2 of “The Five” Pounds in 5 Weeks challenge: Think about skipping the bran muffin at breakfast.  Bran muffins are often thought of as “healthy”–  probably because they have the word bran in their name.  But they’re made with a lot of sugar and fat. In general, a 4 ounce bran muffin has around […]

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The Easy Way To Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Weeks

Did you wake up this morning feeling like an extra five pounds of fat attached itself to your body — and you have no idea how it got there? Maybe there’s only four pounds if you challenged yourself to eating a bit differently and moving a bit more during Week #1. Take “The Five” Challenge […]

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