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Slow Down Your Eating And Feel Fuller – Really!

Do you wolf your food down so quickly that it’s gone before you realize you’ve eaten it all – and you’re left still hungry and staring at an empty plate? Slow down when you eat! People who eat quickly eat more calories than they would if they ate a bit more slowly. People who eat […]

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Brunch: Is It Lunch Or Breakfast – And Do you End Up Eating Both?

Do you have trouble keeping the calories in check at a brunch or a buffet? It’s pretty darn hard with all of that tempting food staring you in the face. It’s even harder when there’s both tempting food and you’re with lots of friends having a good time — a classic recipe for mindless (over)eating. […]

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Can You Save Calories Eating A Ham And Cheese Sandwich Instead Of A Salad?

Somehow we’ve embraced the idea that salads are always a light and healthy choice.  Sometimes they are – but all too often they aren’t. Listen to lunchtime orders and you hear salad, salad, salad – and an occasional sandwich. Sometimes the sandwich is the clear winner in terms of calories and fat.  For instance, a […]

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Vegetables In Restaurants Might Not Be Low Calorie As You Think

Welcome to week #2 of the lose a pound a week challenge.  This week’s tips focus on how to save calories when you eat out. Are you afraid to eat out for fear of “blowing your diet” or because you think there aren’t good choices to be had? Are you tired of hearing that you […]

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