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Brunch: Is It Lunch Or Breakfast – And Do you End Up Eating Both?

Do you have trouble keeping the calories in check at a brunch or a buffet? It’s pretty darn hard with all of that tempting food staring you in the face. It’s even harder when there’s both tempting food and you’re with lots of friends having a good time — a classic recipe for mindless (over)eating. […]

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What To Eat When Party Food Is Heavy On Wings, Pizza, And Chips

Stick with grilled meat, veggies, or baked chips rather than fried. Turkey, baked ham, and grilled chicken are better choices than wings and fried chicken. Plain bread, pitas, or wraps are less caloric than biscuits or cornbread. Or, try using lettuce as a sandwich wrap. Go for salsa and skip the guacamole; mustard instead of […]

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Does The Thought Of A Buffet Send Your Inner Calorie Counter Into Panic Mode?

Eating well and being “calorically observant” can be a challenge at parties, buffets, and events.  Since wedding and graduation season is upon us, week 3 of the lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks challenge will focus on making good choices to save calories when choosing your food at these events – especially since so many […]

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Brunch Buffet

Face the brunch buffet and keep the calories under control! Okay.  So it’s a brunch buffet the day after your friend’s wedding.  Do you really want to go?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  But you have to, she’s a really good friend. Or, maybe you’re on vacation and staring down the sumptuous brunch buffet in the […]

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