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Traffic Light Food Choices: Red (Once In A While), Yellow (Maybe Yes, Maybe No), And Green (Probably Good)

Here are some tips on recognizing menu descriptions to help you make the best caloric choices (of course, portion size plays a big role, too). Any menu item will have tons of added calories if it is: smothered in sauce covered or layered with cheese loaded with butter, oil, cream, mayonnaise, or dressing “sugared-up” even […]

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10 Tips For Making Menu Choices That Are Easy On Your Wallet

A menu is targeted not just at your stomach, but also to your mind. Smart restaurant owners and chefs use menu psychology to suggestively sell from their menu pages. They use design, placement, and words to direct your attention to key items on their menus so it’s more likely that you’ll notice, remember, and order […]

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How To Be Dollars And Cents Savvy When You Read A Menu

Restaurants are savvy. They’re in business to take your bucks and don’t want you to think about spending them – especially when you’re looking at a menu. That’s why – may restaurants, especially those at a higher price point — you won’t see a dollar sign next to the menu choices.  Dollar signs – or […]

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Menu Descriptions That Make Your Mouth Water

Have you ever been ready to order your usual meal when something on the menu seems to reach out and grab you? Those long tentacles aren’t a fluke, but a product of creative phrasing and mouth-watering  words. Bacon and eggs can turn into a “fluffy omelette made with farm fresh eggs, leafy spinach, and crisp […]

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On A Restaurant Menu, Position Is Everything

Pity the poor chicken cutlet stuck in the middle of the pack! Where a menu item is positioned could be the difference between running out of it at that meal or having it reappear as hash or soup the next day. People tend to remember the top two items and the one at the bottom […]

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Is What You Order In A Restaurant Really Your Choice?

Have you ever walked into a restaurant absolutely certain that you know what you want to eat? Then the waiter hands you the menu and asks if you want to hear the specials. All of a sudden your “I’m absolutely certain that this is what I’m going to order” has taken a back seat to […]

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Some Good Things To Know About Restaurant Menus

You’ve finished your restaurant meal and plunk down your cold hard cash or rectangular piece of plastic.  You’re paying for your restaurant meal, but do you feel as though what you ate was what you really wanted? We often overlook the fact that restaurants are businesses and their income comes from what they sell to […]

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Key Words For “Maybe Yes, Maybe No” Menu Choices

Menus, both restaurant and take-out, are filled with descriptive and sometimes mouth-watering words.  They’re meant to: entice you to order certain items by making them sound scrumptious, or to make you think that a food, sauce, or dressing is lower in calories or an awesome health food. Maybe Yes, Maybe No Adjectives This is a […]

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