Why Do You Eat Out?

Americans eat out nearly one of every four meals and snacks.  We also spend almost half of our food budgets on dining out. http://www.allbusiness.com/medicine-health/diet-nutrition-fitness-dieting/5411015-1.html

clip_image002_0002Eating out takes many forms –the fancy white tablecloth restaurant, the fish shack with brown paper on the tables, the local greasy spoon, the sandwich from the deli eaten on the steps to your office, and every variety in between.

Why do we want to eat out – even during tough economic times?  Why are we sometimes willing to spend money we know we really shouldn’t spend on a nice meal in a good to great restaurant?

Food is defined as any nutritious substance we eat or drink to maintain life and growth. Food nourishes.  But what we eat and with whom we share our meals can also help define roles, traditions, and rules. Food is an important, even essential, part of religious observances for many faiths and cultures.

Food also inspires and romanticizes. Today’s generation has grown up on The Food Network – which is seen in ninety million households and internationally. Food reality shows crowd our TV screens and food is center stage on the silver screen.  Food books are perpetually on the best seller lists.

Here are some of the reasons people give for eating out:

  • eating out with friends or family is a source of comfort and entertainment
  • it’s a nice change of pace
  • it’s a good way to impress someone
  •  it’s a great way to have dinner with friends
  • it’s a good way to feed a large visiting family
  • it’s ideal for a first date
  • to eat what you wouldn’t normally cook for yourself
  • to get out and eat in an entirely different atmosphere
  • there’s no clean up
  •  to have someone else cook a nice meal for you, something you may not be able to make or make as well
  • to relax and enjoy yourself and not do any dishes
  • to try something new
  • because I’m too busy/lazy 
  • because I don’t want to cook
  • it’s convenient
  • the food is amazing

What are your reasons for eating out?

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