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Do You Believe You Make About 200 Food Decisions Every Day?

Do you ever think about how many daily food decisions you make or how your environment influences those decisions? The Cornell Food and Brand Lab, directed by Dr. Brian Wansink, did some studies that showed that people grossly underestimate how many daily food related decisions they make – not by a little but by an […]

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Other People May Make You Eat More

Reservations for eight? You might eat 96% more! No kidding. We tend to continue eating for a longer period of time when we’re with people compared to when we eat alone. Maybe it’s because we mindlessly nibble while someone else talks, or the good manners we learned in fifth grade, or because we’re just having fun and enjoying great food. We do tend to stay at the table longer when we’re with others and the longer you stay at the table, the more you eat.

Losing Track

Here’s the other thing: friends and family also influence what we eat. Sometimes you can get so involved in conversation that all the monitoring of what pops into your mouth goes out the window. Have you ever looked down at your plate and wondered where all the cookies went or how you managed to work your way through the mile high dish of pasta or the four pieces of pizza? How many tastes did you take of everyone else’s meal and dessert? Those tastes aren’t like invisible ink. Those calories count, too.

Who Sets the Pace?

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What Triggers Your Overeating?

“No, no, no, I’m not hungry,” you say to yourself – and, five minutes later you have a lap full of crumbs and a powdered sugar mustache. Sound familiar?  Why, oh why, does this happen?  What’s with the loss of control over eating? According to David Kessler, MD (The End of Overeating), 50% of obese […]

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Table For 8? You Might Eat 96% More!

No kidding.  You tend to eat for a longer amount of time — and eat more — when you’re with people you like compared to when you eat alone.  It could be because you mindlessly nibble while someone else talks, you’re using the good manners you were taught in fifth grade about not letting someone […]

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Why Do You Still Eat More . . . Even When You’re Stuffed?

You’ve been eating all day.  Eating everything – a bagel for breakfast, a chesse Danish for a midmorning snack, lunch with some friends.  This is followed by  a latte in the afternoon – and why not a cute cupcake to go with – or perhaps it’s a workday and you amble down to the hall […]

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Do Your Surroundings Affect How Much You Eat?

Where Would You Rather Eat? Duh!!!  Obviously, most people would choose the beautiful settings in the Martha’s Vineyard or Tuscany pictures — or anywhere in the world that is just as serene and welcoming. But . . . the real question is:  what is your goal? The Setting And Your Surroundings Will Affect How Much […]

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Why Do You Eat — Even When You’re Not Hungry?

Have you ever looked down to see crumbs all over your lap with a telltale wrapper clutched in your hand, and asked yourself, “Why did I eat that?”  Or, maybe after your second helping of spaghetti followed by ice cream, followed by a horrendously full stomach you’ve thought, “I’m such an idiot, why did I […]

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Blizzards, Hurricanes and Menu Choices

The weather forecast is all doom and gloom:  a foot and a half of snow, or torrential rain with 60 miles an hour wind gusts. Rush to the supermarket and, it seems, along with everyone else who lives in your town or city, buy bread and milk and then lots of other stuff.  You need […]

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Supergood and Superbad Superbowl Food

Superbowl:  football, commercials, halftime show, and food! It’s amazing how food has become associated with football — from tailgating to the food for the game — which of course culminates in the Superbowl party.  There are plenty of choices and anyone can eat well — and even have room for an indulgence — if you […]

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Drive Thru Diets: Say What?Drive Thru Diets: Say What?

So here’s the dilemma: you’re stuck in an airport or an Amtrak station – it’s late at night and you haven’t had any dinner.  You’re starving.  Look around.  What’s open to grab a bite of food?  You guessed it fast food, fast food, and more fast food. Or, you’re driving your kid and a bunch […]

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