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Where’s The Sugar Hiding?

Sugar is sweet but it’s also sneaky, masquerading under many different names. Read one of those jam labels that says, “All Fruit” or “Spreadable Fruit” on the front.  Then turn the jar over and read ingredients. Most likely you’ll find juice concentrates (often as the first ingredient) and maltodextrin — both forms of sugar. How […]

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What Do Total Carbohydrate And Added Sugar On The Nutrition Label Mean?

Trying to figure out the carbohydrates on nutrition facts labels can be downright confusing.  There’s a number for total carbohydrates but then there are subheadings for dietary fiber, sugars, and sometimes insoluble fiber, sugar alcohols, and other carbohydrates. What Does Everything Mean? Total Carbohydrate, shown in grams, is first. It gives you the total number […]

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Is There A Daily Limit For Added Sugar?

The American Heart Association recommends that not more than half of your daily discretionary calorie allowance come from added sugars. What’s Daily Discretionary Calorie Allowance? Daily discretionary calorie allowance means the number of calories you have left to use after you meet your nutrient needs without exceeding your energy needs. In other words, they are […]

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Have You Seen The Term “Added Sugar”? What Does It Mean?

The sugars that you eat can occur naturally or be added. Natural sugars are found naturally in the food — like fructose in fruit and lactose in milk.  Added sugars are the many kinds of sugar and syrup – including sweeteners like honey, agave, and maple syrup, for example — that are added into food at […]

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Frosted Flakes: Do They Really Put A Tiger In Your Tank?

I was having breakfast with a five year old who insisted on taking an individual box of Frosted Flakes from a display. Of course she would, the little box is designed to appeal to a child. I’m not a cold cereal lover, but I have been known to grab a handful or two of those […]

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A Healthy Eating Lesson On The Subway

New York city, uptown #2 train, Saturday night.  Not too crowded, most people are wearing their subway stares – avoiding eye contact, eyes glazed over, ipod earbuds in place, bodies rocking with the motion of the train.  My trip isn’t long enough to pull out something to read, so I start to scan the ads […]

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How Much Do Americans Love Sugar? This Much: 475 Extra Calories A Day

The season of sugar plum fairies, ribbon candy, and sparkly cookies (and even fruit cake)  is upon us.  For about the past ten years we’ve been warned about watching how much sugar we’re eating and we still haven’t really listened. According to the American Heart Association’s nutrition committee, Americans average 475 calories from added sugars […]

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Are You On Sugar Overload?

Do you have a clue about how much added sugar you eat each day? Added sugar is the kind that doesn”t occur naturally, like in fruit, but is added during food processing, preparation, or at the table. Because food labels show only grams or percentages of sugar in a product rather than the number of […]

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How Good Is Your Sugar Vocabulary?

Sugar:  Sweet and Sneaky Sugar is very sneaky. It appears in all kinds of forms and masquerades under many different names. For example, have you ever read one of those jam labels that says, “All Fruit” or “Spreadable Fruit” on the front? Turn the jar over and read ingredients.  Most likely you’ll find juice concentrates […]

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