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When’s The Best Time To Start Your Diet?

Do the stars, moon, sun, and all of the planets need to be in alignment for you to start your diet? The word diet usually means deprivation and a way of life that’s not easy, comforting, or fun.  So is there any wonder that there are tons of excuses and reasons to put off starting […]

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A Lot Of People At The Dinner Table: You Might Eat 96% More

Planning on eating with seven friends? You might eat 96% more! No joke. We tend to eat more and for a longer period of time when we’re with other people compared to when we eat alone. Why?  Perhaps it’s because we mindlessly nibble while someone else talks. Or maybe it stems from the good manners learned […]

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Does Clean Eating Mean Making Sure You Wash Your Veggies?

What Is Clean Eating? Clean eating is about wholesome and natural food – food that isn’t full of chemicals, preservatives, additives and isn’t processed and/or refined. Clean eating is healthy eating. All of the whole, natural, unprocessed foods in a clean diet are chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrition that will help […]

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