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What’s 92% Water and Considered Both a Fruit and Vegetable?

I’ve been noticing whole and quartered watermelons at my local market.  It’s not time for local watermelon where I live, but now it’s pretty easy to watermelon year round – even in colder climates. Watermelon seems to go hand in hand with warmer weather and certainly with the lazy, hazy days of summer. How much […]

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Were You Told To Eat Your Fruit And Veggies?

Do you remember being told, “Eat your fruit and vegetables?”  I certainly was told that – and I said the same thing to my kids. I’ve been watching members of my own family – who cover almost a century in age range – happily eat their fruit and vegetables.  Over the past few days I’ve […]

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How Juicy, Delicious Watermelon Can Help You Lose Weight

Here’s the reason:  food that has a high water content — like cucumbers, soup (especially broth-based soup), and, you guessed it, watermelon — make you feel full and, they’re usually relatively low calorie foods. How great is it that something as nutritious and calorie friendly as watermelon is such a treat?  Juicy watermelon has certainly […]

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Do You Want To Eat Delicious Food That’s Amazingly Healthy – and Manage Your Weight, Too?

Dietary data from the Mediterranean region show that people who follow a Mediterranean dietary pattern have the lowest recorded rates of chronic diseases and the highest adult life expectancy.

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Let A Baseball Be Your Guide

It’s awfully hard to gauge how much food you’re putting on your plate – and even more difficult to figure out how much you’re popping into your mouth when you eat directly from a multi-serving bag of food. Portion size is critical to managing your weight.  One helpful idea is to use commonplace objects as […]

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Can You Lead A Fruit Fly to Vinegar (or wine)?

Walk into your kitchen – and there they are — swarming around your ripening peaches or bananas.  Don’t those eighth of an inch little red-eyed fruit flies (but really, can you get up front and personal to see their red eyes?) drive you nuts? Where, oh where, did they come from – and how did […]

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Things That Grow Together Go Together

I have lots of tomatoes on my tomato plants: large ones, small ones, cranberry greenish heirlooms, and canary yellow ones. The voracious woodchucks and chipmunks (I watched a little Alvin wrestle a tomato off a plant on my deck, roll it across to the stairs, and then snag it in his mouth like a toddler carrying […]

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Pesticide In Your Food – Or Not

What has happened to the iconic apple?  According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the apple is the produce item with the greatest amount of pesticide residue. EWG’s 2011 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce lists the Dirty Dozen, or the produce with the most pesticide residue (which they suggest buying organic), and the Clean […]

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What’s Round, Red, Delicious, And Has A Stem And A Stone?

Cherries! It’s cherry season so grab them while you can.  They’re delicious and they’ve been linked to health benefits – like helping the pain of arthritis and gout and reducing risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. They also contain melatonin which can help regulate sleep patterns. On the other hand it’s just […]

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How Many Carrots Are In A Portion?

Good-bye pyramid, hello plate.  The word is that the government’s food pyramid is going to be ditched for a plate shaped system that uses wedges for the basic food groups and a half a plate for fruit and vegetables. Despite all of the information about why we should eat more fruit and vegetables, according to […]

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