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50 Culinary Hacks to Make You a Kitchen Master

50 Really Good Kitchen Tricks!

 Source:  http://visual.ly/50-culinary-hacks-make-you-kitchen-master?

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Do Your Kitchen Cabinets, Fridge, And Desk Drawers Need A Cleanse?

Summer is over.  Soon many of us will be stocking our kitchens with Halloween candy and then enough Thanksgiving food to feed hordes of Pilgrims.  It might be time to take stock of what’s leftover from the lazy days of summer eating. Are there leftovers from your Labor Day barbecue, a random piece of birthday […]

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Ouch, I Cut Myself: 5 Knife Safety Tips

Do your hands look like they’ve been holding onto barbed wire after a weekend filled with some heavy-duty cooking?  From Chow and Jeffrey Elliot, coauthor of the Complete Book of Knife Skills, here are five knife safety tips to help your hands ready for a hand lotion commercial rather than one for antiseptic and bandaids. […]

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Is Your Cooking Costing You Money?

I thought I knew a lot about efficient cooking, but some of this info surprised me.  It seems that my family is throwing more bucks at the electric company than we might have to.  In the spirit of the greening up – yea, it’s Spring – here’s some great tips for more efficient cooking. Easy […]

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What’s In Your Cupboards — And Why Is It There?

Take a look in your fridge and in your cupboards. What’s in there? Why did you buy it and when? Sometimes figuring out what to buy and eat is really tough. Here are a baker’s dozen categories. Which do you fall into most frequently?

1. Are you a bargain shopper looking to get the largest amount of food for your money — so you buy a dozen of what’s on sale or two of the gigantic size at Costco? Check your cupboard or the back of your fridge there still might be some “bargains” left over from two years ago.

2. Do you look for the most calories for your money (supersize me) — the biggest bang for your buck? This often goes hand in hand with #1 above.

3. Do you want the best nutrition for your money so you shop in CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) or go on the hunt for country farm stands? Do you then end up with so much produce that some of it rots and you have to toss it –- or, you’re so overloaded with kale or spinach that you never want to look at it again?

4. Do you buy only what you want to eat – with no regard to cost, calories, or meal planning of any kind? My guess is that most people in this group

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