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Movie Calories

What Do You Eat With Your Movie?

When you enter a movie theater lobby what do you usually notice first?  After the cost of the ticket, it’s probably the delicious smell of freshly popped (maybe or maybe not) popcorn. It’s no accident that the concession stand with it’s popcorn popper and glass cases filled with the candy that reminds you that you […]

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Dashboard Diner: What Is It And Are You One?

How many ketchup drips, chocolate smears, coffee stains, and random crumbs do you have in your car (or on your clothes)? Is your road trip to the shore or mountains or the big game an endless fest of fast food, junk food, and all kinds of snacks with your dashboard or vacant passenger seat as […]

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Vending Machines: What Are Your Favorite Letter/Number Combinations?

Sooner or later you’ll have your next sharing moment with a vending machine – you share your money and the machine shares its calories. Vending machines are everywhere – down the hall from your office or around the corner from your hotel room, in hospital waiting rooms, in train stations, and calling your name on […]

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Oreo — The Interactive Cookie That Says Something About You – Turns 100

What happened the same year that the Titanic sank and the South Pole was discovered?  The cookie that millions have twisted apart and dunked was born! The Oreo  — sweet sugary creme sandwiched between two decoratively embossed chocolate flavored wafers – celebates its 100th birthday on March 6, 2012. Some Oreo Trivia Oh, Oreos!  We […]

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