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Is Sea Salt Less Salty Than Table Salt?

The short answer:  no – even though sea salt might be marketed as a health food. Chemically, table salt and sea salt are not much different although they might taste different or have different textures. Sea salt and table salt, by weight, have the same amount of sodium chloride. Sea water is evaporated to make […]

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Is Chinese Food Diet Friendly Or A Diet Buster? Nine Tips To Help You Make Good Choices

Chinese take-out can be a friend to your diet – or the devil in disguise.  Commercial Chinese food – or what you usually get for take-out – can be extremely high in fat (a caloric nightmare) and very high in sodium (a water retention nightmare).  And then there’s portion size:  those little white boxes hold […]

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Double Down: KFC Not Blackjack

KFC’s One-Of-A-Kind Bunless Sandwich D-Day:  April 12th, the premier day for KFC’s Double Down one-of-a-kind sandwich.  What is it?  A bunless sandwich made of two boneless white meat chicken filets stacked around two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, and Colonel’s Sauce (mayonnaise based). As KFC says in […]

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