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What Do Crossing The Street And Eating Have in Common?

Look Both Ways Don’t you look both ways before you cross the street — or shouldn’t you?  That’s called being mindful of your surroundings and potential problems – like a car or bike speeding toward you. Check In With Yourself The same thing is true with eating:  check in with yourself and ask if you’re […]

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What Triggers Your Overeating?

“No, no, no, I’m not hungry,” you say to yourself – and, five minutes later you have a lap full of crumbs and a powdered sugar mustache. Sound familiar?  Why, oh why, does this happen?  What’s with the loss of control over eating? According to David Kessler, MD (The End of Overeating), 50% of obese […]

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Table For 8? You Might Eat 96% More!

No kidding.  You tend to eat for a longer amount of time — and eat more — when you’re with people you like compared to when you eat alone.  It could be because you mindlessly nibble while someone else talks, you’re using the good manners you were taught in fifth grade about not letting someone […]

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Why Do You Still Eat More . . . Even When You’re Stuffed?

You’ve been eating all day.  Eating everything – a bagel for breakfast, a chesse Danish for a midmorning snack, lunch with some friends.  This is followed by  a latte in the afternoon – and why not a cute cupcake to go with – or perhaps it’s a workday and you amble down to the hall […]

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See It: Eat It

Not Hungry To Hungry In No Time Flat How can it be that you’re sitting in your house at about 9PM, nice and content from a good dinner.  You’re satisfied and not hungry.  Whoops, hold the phone.  An ad comes on television for a fast food burger topped with melted cheese and bacon.  Really crispy […]

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What Should I Eat?

What Do I Want To Eat? What Do I Want To Eat?  That’s a question we all ask ourselves.  Including me.  A lot. Standing in front of the fridge with the door open.  Staring at the shelves in the pantry.  In front of the deli case.  Trying to decipher a menu.  With no clear idea, […]

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