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What’s 92% Water and Considered Both a Fruit and Vegetable?

I’ve been noticing whole and quartered watermelons at my local market.  It’s not time for local watermelon where I live, but now it’s pretty easy to watermelon year round – even in colder climates. Watermelon seems to go hand in hand with warmer weather and certainly with the lazy, hazy days of summer. How much […]

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How Juicy, Delicious Watermelon Can Help You Lose Weight

Here’s the reason:  food that has a high water content — like cucumbers, soup (especially broth-based soup), and, you guessed it, watermelon — make you feel full and, they’re usually relatively low calorie foods. How great is it that something as nutritious and calorie friendly as watermelon is such a treat?  Juicy watermelon has certainly […]

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Watermelon: Tastes Good, Looks Good, And Fills You Up

How much fun is it to sit on some porch steps or on a big rock and spit watermelon seeds. (I know, seedless watermelons not only exist, they are the most popular watermelon in the US.)  Maybe even have a contest.  Okay – so not everyone gets as much of a kick out of it […]

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