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Is Your Holiday Eating Starting To Show?

Is your holiday mindset: lots of food = good time; not so much food = bad time? Can you exude holiday spirit without accompanying gluttony? You bet you can, but it isn’t always easy. Celebrations are often intertwined with the need or obligation to cook and/or eat — not just because you’re hungry, but for […]

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Holiday Eating Worries? If You’re Going To Indulge, Make It Special

    Is holiday food everywhere?  Are you tempted to eat everything? Here are a couple of helpful hints: Say “no thank you” to the rolls, the mashed potatoes, and the ice cream.  You can have them any time of the year. Spend your extra calories on something special that’s specific to the holidays.  Also […]

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Winter Holiday Weight Gain: Is It Seven Or Is It One . . .

Pound?  Doesn’t it feel like at least seven pounds of weight gain, all of it blubber? A lot of us start indulging at Thanksgiving (some at Halloween) and don’t stop the free style calorie fest until those onerous New Year’s Resolutions.  Then, because we feel guilty about indulgences, we swear we won’t touch another cookie […]

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