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Snow Angels and Snowballs: Try These To Burn Off Snow Day Food

There is a heck of a lot of snow outside. I actually can’t open my kitchen door because of a gigantic snowdrift. Many hours after the snow has deposited a foot and a half of whiteness (without the drifts), the guy who plows my driveway hasn’t been here yet because his truck broke down. It also happens to be two days after Christmas. I served lunch to twenty people on Christmas Day. I have leftovers – lots of them – and most of them are not, by any stretch of the imagination, of the low calorie variety. Being stuck inside with many leftovers in the fridge and a post-holiday slump leads to almost continuous nibbling and noshing. What to do?

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Winter Holiday Weight Gain: Is It Seven Or Is It One . . .

Pound?  Doesn’t it feel like at least seven pounds of weight gain, all of it blubber? A lot of us start indulging at Thanksgiving (some at Halloween) and don’t stop the free style calorie fest until those onerous New Year’s Resolutions.  Then, because we feel guilty about indulgences, we swear we won’t touch another cookie […]

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