Yes to Green Vegetables, No to Green Spuds

What are those green things? In the midst of a cooking blitz you decide to make real mashed potatoes rather than using the pre-made kind.  You’re peeling away and there they are – those little green things visible in the potato skin.  What to do:  chuck the whole potato, pretend they’re not there, or cut […]

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Did the Fat Calories in Cooking Spray Really Take a Hike?

Are All Cooking Sprays Created Equal? I’m staring at five different kinds of cooking spray:  Butter flavor, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Baking, and Professional for high heat cooking.    All say they are for non-stick cooking or baking.  Some say they are for fat-free cooking and baking. The nutrition facts for all five say that the […]

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A Soda a Day = How Many Calories in a Year?

How many calories . . . how much sugar? In a recent post in his blog, Weighty Matters, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff asks an excellent question: “What happens if you drink a can of Coke daily for a year?” His startling answer:  “you’d end up slurping up 32,850 calories along with nearly 40 cups of sugar. […]

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Slow down You Eat Too Fast

Do you wolf your food down so quickly that it’s gone before you realize you’ve eaten it all – and, to boot, you’re still hungry and staring at an empty plate? Mothers around the world often say the same thing: slow down and chew your food. Then again, my father-in-law, a dentist, used to give […]

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Bigger and Biggest Burgers: Tips for Burger Eaters

Battle On:  who has the biggest burger?  I love burgers – much more than steak of any kind.  So, I budget them into my food plan.  Holding the bacon, cheese, and fried onions cuts down on the calories – but for occasional indulgences it’s even possible to have those – just keep a close eye […]

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Blizzards, Hurricanes and Menu Choices

The weather forecast is all doom and gloom:  a foot and a half of snow, or torrential rain with 60 miles an hour wind gusts. Rush to the supermarket and, it seems, along with everyone else who lives in your town or city, buy bread and milk and then lots of other stuff.  You need […]

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Chocolate Hearts . . .

During the week before Valentine’s Day, about 1.1 billion boxed chocolates, that’s about 58 million pounds of chocolate candy, will be sold in the United States. A pound of milk chocolate contains 2300 calories, 140 grams of fat, 270 grams of carbohydrates, and 31 grams of protein. Although a lot has been reported about the […]

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Love Those Candy Hearts . . .

“Be Mine,” “Kiss me,”  “Sweet Talk.” The brightly colored hearts with the familiar sayings have been a Valentine’s Day treat since 1902. Their manufacturer, NECCO, the New England Confectionery Company, in business since 1847, expects to sell more than 8 billion candy conversation hearts this year. The original candies with printed sayings were called “motto […]

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What Do You Eat During A Snowstorm?

Chocolate chip cookies. That’s what a friend said to me as we waited for our kids to get off of the school bus after early dismissal from school because of snow.  Walking down the street to our houses, the snow was blowing sideways and the kids were ecstatic to be flinging snowballs at each other.  […]

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How Many Chemicals Are You Wearing?

How many chemicals are you wearing today? The SocialDieter usually talks about food that you put INTO your body, but results of this UK poll of 2016 women and what they put ON their bodies is a real eye opener. As reported in Reuters, the average British woman who uses deodorant, body and facial moisturizer, […]

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