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Can You Save Calories Eating A Ham And Cheese Sandwich Instead Of A Salad?

So many of us think a salad, instead of a sandwich, is the way to go if we’re trying to be calorie conscious. Somehow we’ve embraced the idea that salads are always a light and healthy choice. Sometimes they are – but all too often they’re not. Sometimes a sandwich is the clear winner in […]

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Things That Grow Together Go Together

I have lots of tomatoes on my tomato plants: large ones, small ones, cranberry greenish heirlooms, and canary yellow ones. The voracious woodchucks and chipmunks (I watched a little Alvin wrestle a tomato off a plant on my deck, roll it across to the stairs, and then snag it in his mouth like a toddler carrying […]

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Eating In Tuscany: Panzanella

A Tuscan Specialty:  Bread And Tomato Salad Rustic dishes often withstand the test of time — usually because they are easy, make use of local ingredients, and they’re good.   Recipes for the same dish are usually not identical – they are adjusted for the hand that makes them and the tongues that eat them — […]

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Eating In Tuscany: A Recipe For Farro Salad

My Tuscan Eating Adventures (Part 1, Farro) My photos taken outside the cafe and during preparation of the farro salad. I had the rare pleasure of spending last week in the village of Volpaia, Italy, resident population of 52, a picturesque fortified medieval hamlet in the Chianti Classico wine district. High on a hilltop just […]

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Turn Your Nightmare Salad Into A Delicious Daydream

If It Says Salad Does It Mean It’s Healthy? Short answer:  No.  Maybe your salad is healthy and delicious, or maybe it’s just delicious and far from a healthy meal. This is something I see all of the time:  You are in line at a buffet or waiting to order your meal in a cafeteria.  […]

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Is Your Salad A Nightmare?

A Healthy Meal Or A Caloric Fat Fest? It’s time for lunch or perhaps to pick up a bite for dinner on your way home.  It’s Monday after a weekend of a bit of overeating.  Time for something light and healthy. How about a salad?  Here’s a chance for plenty of vegetables, other healthy stuff, […]

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